Collagen beauty therapy & cellulite reduction treatment



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Collagen Therapy Bed

These are the latest generation of collagen therapy beds that generate the most effective photo-therapeutic red light at 633nm which penetrates the skin to a depth of 8-10mm. This stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin to plump and firm the skin.


As well as requiring no needles, surgery or lasers, this treatment slows the ageing process and firms the skin. It improves the healing of cuts and scars, and reduces broken capillaries.


The greatest effects are normally seen within 3-4 weeks, with some people only needing a few sessions before seeing noticeable results. Regular use is recommended to improve oxygenation and detoxification of the skin as the vascular walls of the capillaries become stronger. The resulting rejuvinated appearance does not need to be maintained with expensive facial cosmetics and specialist beauty treatments.


Incorporating the latest scientific 'Red Light' technology

Enjoy the benefits of the latest collagen and anti-cellulite therapy in your own home.

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Length 1900mm
Width 685mm

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